Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dana + Quinn

When Matt and I started Heirloom (two years ago this month!), we would conduct wedding tastings at our house because we were sharing a tiny (very tiny) catering kitchen at the time and our shift was graveyard. It was pretty miserable that life of a vampire but it did make our weddings very personal. Over our own dining table with our cat sauntering about, we never discussed money or contracts, we  just cooked for new friends. One of those couples from way back when was Dana + Quinn. We traveled with Dana back to Virginia for a site visit where we stayed with her soon to be in-laws who we fell mad for. (Why do they live so far? We love the Emmetts'!) And we continued to plan with the lovebirds back home over barbecues at our house and theirs until The Big Day last October in Jamestown. 

Tastings are now held at our kitchen in Eagle Rock with Tal presenting the food and the details. Most couples these days, I personally never get to meet but I know they are in good hands and am happy that the life of a vampire is no longer mine to live because we have our very own kitchen that we can call home (with a super fabulous new glass walk-in!)

Here are more pictures from Dana + Quinn's wedding on Martha Stewart Weddings.

Dana's stationary kills me, I die for it!!!!! There is just something about the texture of letterpress that feels like pride, the old-fashioned kind. It takes skill and care and rarified machinery to create it. Every piece of thick, voluptuous cardstock that comes out of Mr Boddington's Studio in New York is a little work of art that hurts to throw out, so I won't.  Thank you, Dearest Dana, for giving me several lovely keepsakes.

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