Hi I'm Tara and I write this blog. That's Matt with me, you'll see him a lot here. He is filled with grace and care in the kitchen, and one of the greatest joys for anyone who knows him is to watch his talent soar. He was born for this job, catering extraordinaire.

Me, I do most of the desserts here at Heirloom LA. Together Matt and I spend time with people who love our food like Autumn de Wilde who took the photos you see up there, Smog Design who does all of our graphics, Mc Grath Farms who share their bounties with us twice a week, and Silverlake Wine who has been our storefront since the beginning back in 2009 when they first started selling our frozen pastas and referring us to everyone who walked through their doors. These relationships have been the pillars of our growth. 

Along the way we've also had notable pushes from people like Jessica Koslow of SQIRL who in May of 2011 brought our little operation to the attention of Windows Phones who, on a whim I think, offered us a chunk of change to put towards a big rig we call Black Betty in exchange for painting gigantic cellular phones all over her frame. It was named Best Gourmet Food Truck in Los Angeles Magazine after just a couple months on the street and has furnished us with a different format to cook from.  

And in 2012 our friend Johnny came up with the idea of building a Benihana like table for our own private tasting room, The Salon, featured in Anthology Magazine with Josh and Diana of Casa de Perrin who we met when we catered their wedding. They gave us all of our stoneware for The Salon which provided us with an eclectic aesthetic that we wouldn't have thought of on our own. 

This is the short list of what makes up Heirloom LA but we must also mention the people at KPCC who continually support us and of course, George Simian and his wife Beata Bernina who have tirelessly documented thousands of pictures of our escapades, many of which you see on this blog. Over the course of three years we have grown from an operation of two that rolled pasta on a sheeter during off hours at Cake Monkey Bakery to a company that has attracted an inspired and experienced team each of whom embrace our vision of what we intend to build.

Stay tuned because if the next three years are anything like the last three, it's going to be real exciting.

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