Friday, July 23, 2010

Grilled Cheese and Scotch

Last weekend we did a Grilled Cheese Night for Tal's Cocktail Tasting.

Wait a minute.... have I not introduced Tal?????? Well, well, well.....

Our very own, In House Mix Master Mixologist, Phone Answering, Event Co-ordinating, Rental Negotiating, Email Responding, All-Around Comforting..... General Manager Talmadge Lowe. We're so proud to have him on our team.

Here are some highlights from his Scotch Tasting:

Tal's Menu:

The Old Tom Morris, named for the "Godfather of Golf", made of Scotch, Averna, Sugar Cane Syrup, & Chocolate Mole Bitters, it's bitter and sweet just like the game.

Blood and Sand, a classic cocktail named after Rudolph Valentino's film of the same name. This one consisted of Scotch, Orange, Sweet Vermouth, and Cherry Herring.

The Smoker's Cocktail that Tal stole from Jaime of the late, great Le Madelaine. It had Scotch, Port, and Triplum

Then of course there's the grub:

So to Re-Cap, We've Got Scotch

We've Got Grilled Cheese

And (thank gooooood-ness) We've Got Tal.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

talmadge is awesome!! And damn handsome too!!

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