Saturday, May 7, 2011

Everything Outside Of The New Walk-In

Sometimes Migs has a heart and cares about ours. He came up with this dish for Family Meal yesterday which was made of all scraps so basically it cost next to nothing and was supremely healthy and delicious. Here's a rough recipe to follow with any of your scraps at home. Think of soup made with scraps as layers:


1. Aromatic layer: In olive oil over medium heat, sauté some aromatics (garlic, shallots, and/or diced onions) until translucent. Season with salt + pepper

2. Veg layer: Add chopped vegetables + saute until caramelized. Season with salt + pepper

3. Flavor layer: Stop cooking with some white wine or vermouth or stock, stir to pick-up taste nuggets from bottom of pan

4. Base layer: Once veggies have absorbed this liquid, add several cups of water or stock

5. Thickening layer: Add cooked legumes and/or rice. You can also add a skinned tomato

6. Heat layer: Bring to boil, then bring to a simmer

7. Optional layer: Now add cooked turkey or chicken or beef

8. Essential layer:  Once heated through, eat up!

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