Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Santa Monica Farmer's Market

There was a period, I will admit, that Matt and I found excuses not to make the long trek to Santa Monica on Wednesday mornings. We sent other people or had farmers deliver directly to us in Eagle Rock, thus bypassing the drive and the parking hassle and the crowds who languidly browse through each crate of prime vegetables as if nobody else is in their rear view.

Then some unknown force prompted me to insist we go back a few weeks ago and it was blissful. We ran into people we hadn't seen in awhile and brokered deals for trade and got updated on all the latest news (Roxana + Dan of Ammo opening their own place on Beverly,  Hatfields opening a sister cafe on La Brea and D.J. Olsen of Lou Wine Bar teaming up with farmers on Monday nights for a fixed menu, can't wait until this Monday, September 12th when he will be teaming with Maggie's Farm and making his own chicken sausage). We checked in with Laura Avery who made sure we're participating in the Good Food Festival (Heck, yea!!), and most importantly we connected with the farmers directly to ask what is exploding with flavor and what will be, and tasting and collecting for ourselves. It's the most inspiring atmosphere, like Paris cafes in the 1920's, vibrant and alive with creativity and like-minded people who have their canvas bags bulging with ideas of what they will make, what trends they may start- people who will work for nothing if they have to, because that's how much they love what they do and the pursuit of it. 

It is the most essential place for us to be on Wednesday mornings, and if you live nearby and have the time, you should drop in. It is a mecca of sensations, small and wide, and will nourish more than just your hunger.

2nd and Arizona: 8:30 -1

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jpina said...

I totally hear you! The Wednesday market is the best and well worth the drive. So inspirational too right?!

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