Friday, September 2, 2011

Here She Is

Will you please have a look at our gorgeous new postcard designed by Glen Nakasako of Smog Design? These are the people who made Matt's handwriting into it's own font and who designed our jam labels. They primarily work in music designing records and tabletop books for artists like Beck and Hunter S Thompson and k.d. Lang and The Eagles and Suzanne Vega (and, and, and...); and now they have become part of our Heirloom family which has resulted in many woeful requests on my part for more design work (wait until you see the jars they created for our heirloom tomatoes!). For now, I can't stop staring at this beautiful post card, how it incorporates menu items we've featured on the truck and calls out her name. I just love it and I shall be framing one soon.

P. S. We'll be at Barnsdall tonight! See you there!

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