Saturday, July 30, 2011

Matt Makes A Mean Chalkboard

In the beginning of Heirloom, Matt insisted I make the chalkboard menus. This was a mistake. My mind was collapsing with all the other things I needed to do and suddenly I'm supposed to make a beautiful chalkboard? I failed. So Matt took over like he does with all things that the rest of us can't do. And because he so excelled at making such striking chalkboard menus, no one else ventured to take a stab at it. "I write like a serial killer!" was the best excuse I'd heard. So his chalk boards became part of our style, people started requesting them and we realized we needed to put them on every party. We stopped at garage sales to scour old frames and found old windows and converted them, as well as mirrors. We bought lots of cans of chalk paint to build up a collection of these chalkboards so they could introduce guests to everything we were serving.

Matt's writing became sort of legendary in small circles, and so our friends over at Smog Design said, "Let's make it into a font."

I looked at them puzzled, "Huh?"

They gave him a writing assignment and PRESTO, Heirloom Handwriting Font. We all in the office sat mesmerized and stared at my computer screen as I typed out Matt's very own penmanship. I then typed out silly things, but I will now type out real things and they will be featured all over this blog starting now.

Smog Design continues to impress us. 

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