Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Black Betty Hits the Westside

Last Sunday Migs, Peter and I worked the Good Food Fest over in Santa Monica which was so much fun because nobody knew what a Lasagna Cupcake was over on the west side. "Lasagna what? Is it sweet?"

Lasagna Cupcake™, no it is not sweet. It is formed with hand made pasta using organic eggs. If you haven't had one, you must. They're delicious.

The vegetables for the Farmer's Market Salad were from Phil Mc Grath's Farm who did a speech addressing the question, "Can organic farming feed the world?"

"Duh!" says Phil, "It did for only like 10,000 years!"

Love Phil and the synchronicity of serving the produce he takes such pride in growing while watching people waiting to hear him speak. Love how Santa Monica had recycling bins everywhere. Loved being a part of the 30 year celebration of Santa Monica Farmer's Market because we love Santa Monica Farmer's Market and we will be there tomorrow and every Wednesday for the next 30 years.

photos: Beata Bernina

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