Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strawberries At Their Peak

Phil Mc Grath is in our minds an icon. He works tirelessly for the integrity of farmers and organic farming and part of that work is to educate the community on the importance of both so it is always such a pleasure when I must make our Monday run up to his farm in Camarillo. This week we packed in 45 flats of his prized strawberries into our Heirloom Van. As they were being picked, Phil proudly asserted that this was the "best crop" he has ever yielded. Before he planted the strawberries, he "fed" the soil by planting a cover crop of barley, peas, fava beans, and vetch which provided beneficial nitrogen for the succeeding strawberry plants. The same strawberry plants then were allowed to grow for the last couple of years to intensify their flavor. Let me just attest to that last part. My drive home was not only sweet smelling but I absolutely must have consumed several pounds of these luscious treats. I couldn't resist. They were like candy without any wrappers. My hands were already stained from eating them before any prep had begun (don't mess with a woman who has red under her nails!!). 

These berries are a treasure. Thank you Phil Mc Grath.

Soon Mc Grath Farms will be selling Strawberry Jam made from our kitchen at all of their farmer's market stands. And of course, all of the above strawberry desserts will be on our Food Truck while they last!

Yamashiro Farmer's Market on Thursdays 5-9

 Bar Covell on Sundays 10:30-2

Silverlake Wine on Mondays 5-10

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