Thursday, August 4, 2011

Look What Matt Done Did

There's been a lot of musings going on outside  of places like  catering parties or Black Betty stops where I hear people comment about Matt's new set of wheels. "Have you seen what he drives?" 

I don't even personally know these people, but I jump in defensively and without invitation, "That's my dad's Corvette! Matt's just borrowing it! He actually drives an old Mercedes that runs off our used vegetable oil!" 

These people nod politely at the belligerent woman before them. I don't know what they're thinking but I do always stop myself from continuing, "He's giving it back, he is! He has to, it's my dad's! We have used vegetable oil, cleaned and ready to go!"

You see, my dad's Corvette has an insatiable hunger for gasoline which doesn't exactly decrease our dependency on foreign oil, but it is American made and awfully fun to drive. 

So fun in fact that Matt has worked out a trade. Without my knowledge, he purchased a 1977 Ford truck in mint condition. It had only one previous owner and arrived on a flat bed truck from Sacramento right in front of our office window. Imagine my surprise. I peered over at the guilty party and he was smiling from ear to ear. Everyone was-- Taz, Tal, KRoq-- for this truck is quite a beauty.

Matt tells me he got the truck to haul away trash from caterings. He tells my dad he got the truck "for you to drive until you want your Vet back."

Either way, the two men of my life love their new truck so I guess I will too.

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