Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Logo Gets A Facelift

When Matt and I started Heirloom two years ago, I knew zero about graphics and very little about photoshop, okay I knew nothing. We hired a graphic designer to come up with a logo, but she became irritated with me very fast. In her original logo, there were lots of ligatures (I didn't know what that word meant, I had to look it up because she kept saying it over and over)and flourishes (my word), it just looked girly. "Matt's not a girl," I'd remind her. She told me to stick to parsley and cilantro or something like that so out of desperation I took a pdf(also a new "word" to me at the time) to a random printer downtown and directed them to take out the ligatures and then I just learned to live with how unbalanced our logo, our brand that we were putting on everything looked (see "before" logo) because I sure didn't know how to fix it myself.

Then, just recently, Autumn de Wilde hooked us up with Smog Design. Be still my beating heart. Without any prompts from me, Smog took our logo and reworked it as you see below. The changes are subtle but it finally feels refined and finished. It had always felt thrown together to me because essentially it was. Now I just stare and stare at it. Love it, love Smog Design, they've worked on pretty much everything cool you've ever looked at and now we get to have them work on some of our stuff. Reader, we have arrived! And get this, they're making a font out of Matt's writing.... and this was their idea! I can't even stand it I'm so ecstatic. Everything on our blog and website is going to look cohesive and uniform rather than amateur hour, and on top of that, they are designing a label for our strawberry jam and also for the massive amounts of heirloom tomatoes we will be getting in from Mc Grath Farms to jar as well as t-shirts and canvas bags, and they seem really happy to be doing it but let me  assure you, them, and anybody else out there, the happiness is all ours. 

P.S. I love our web programmer and I always have, find him here, ask for Rocky. Also, Lacey Arts, family owned forever, does our printing, they even did the wraps on our truck and vans. Oh, and Ana Henton designed our truck wrap ("Ana, we need it really fast," we begged.) She has won many awards for being extremely talented but got overlooked for drawing up our truck, which looks awesome, in all of one day. Much gratitude goes out to all the people who help us out all the time.

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