Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring On An Organic Farm

About a month ago we visited Phil and Joanne McGrath at their Farm in Camarillo. It was just after all the rains here in southern California, and their strawberries were having trouble because of it- but their pea buds sure weren't! They were crisp and sweet as candy and it was hard to be polite about shoving them in my mouth as Phil, bursting with pride, showed us around his farm that has been in his family for five generations.

Completely certified organic, I asked Phil why he bothers with all the flowers that are randomly planted around his farm- they're pretty and all, but isn't it more important to produce food? He explained to me that the flowers serve to attract beneficial insects and to confuse those who can harm. It was fascinating. He showed us a field of clover he had planted to give his soil a rest and to regenerate it rather than pumping in chemical fertilizers. In addition to reducing our environment's toxic load and eliminating farm pollution, this low intensity farming promotes biodiversity and longevity, and yields the most flavor and nutrition for it's crops.

On this visit we struck a partnership with Phil in which he gives us all his produce that doesn't sell on his market days and we make ready to eat salads to sell at his stand at the following farmer's market. It's working out for both of us. We get Phil's exceptional produce on a regular basis and he has no waste. You can taste for yourself at the next McGrath Farm stand and know that Phil's produce is grown with respect for the land and for your health. And by the way, since the rains have subsided, Phil's beautiful strawberries are finally available as well. Can't wait to make Cake and Trifles with them!!!

Wednesday, Santa Monica Farmer's Market

Thursday, South Pasadena

Friday, Topanga Canyon

Saturday, Calabasas

Sunday, Hollywood

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