Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anna Wintour + Lasagna Cupcakes

It was recently brought to our attention that Lasagna Cupcakes™ are being compared to canary-yellow Rolls Royces and Hollywood agents in the opening sentence of this month's cover article of Vogue. New Yorkers continue to sneer at Los Angeles, only now they're bringing us into the mix. 

My heart beats thunderously. 

I love fashion. I love Vogue and I especially love Mario Testino's photo shoot with Penelope Cruz. Her freckles are dazzling and the sun drenched casual posture of the whole shoot makes her look as ripe and delicious as the bazillions of strawberries that we've been prepping. All the more satisfying that Matt eye-witnessed she and her husband purchase our products from The Oaks Gourmet. 

Struck as we were, we can't get nettled by the fashion giant's poking fun at our delicious lil' goey devils when considering the lush produce we get to forage from here year round. Cooking is what we do and LA is where we do it.  We have the ability to drive to farms and pick our own produce and we can grill outside in January. As much as I am enraptured by New York, it's style, it's culture and the electric thrill of just being there, no kitchen slave can deny that it is a joy to be cooking in la la land. 

So if the name indicts our hand rolled pasta concoctions into the bubblegum pop culture of our home base, just let it please be announced in Vogue because I'm not sure they'd ever feature us otherwise and I am finding that this is the press I most want to hang on the wall  regardless of such a snappy appraisal. Let it be known that we whole heartedly stand behind the taste sensation and quality of our Lasagna Cupcakes™. East coast fashionistas, I daresay you would too if you'd only try them in one of those stilettoed New York minutes of yours.

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Joanna Noel said...

Oh my I'm drooling!

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