Friday, December 31, 2010

No Crocs, Just Cupcakes

On newsstands now is Food and Wine Magazine and in it, our little Lasagna Cupcakes are featured as a "must try trend".  They say that savory cupcakes are all the rage right now but anyone who has actually tried our Lasagna Cupcakes knows that they are all lasagna and no cupcake. We just thought it was a funny name. Food and Wine suggests calling them "mini lasagnas" but adapts our Pumpkin, Brown Butter, and Sage Lasagna Cupcake recipe and calls it a........ Lasagna Cupcake. It's hard to resist the name. It's also hard to resist eating three of them in one sitting and this lack of control doesn't have anything to do with a trend, they're just that good! Here's the flavors we always have in stock during this winter season, but Matt made a Duck Confit with Sweet and Sour Onions Lasagna Cupcake this week, oh, and also a Sausage and Spicy Roasted Tomato Lasagna Cupcake with delicious links that Tad had made. Unlike Crocs and hair scrunchies, I need this "trend" to stick around.

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