Friday, October 8, 2010

Satya + Jeremy

 This Was Such a Fun Wedding!!!

This was our first in-house wedding. We did the food (but of course!), the flowers, the photography, the table settings, and Tal was the official wedding coordinator. We asked Cake Monkey to do the beautiful cake that we added to our dessert table, and the bride designed the dress herself. As the photographer on this one, I must say it was very hard to shoot the ceremony because I was laughing and crying throughout the whole thing as the couple exchanged their vows describing how they met in high school. "Actually," the groom corrected, "It was junior high. I was just a huge nerd that Satya never noticed." I'm so glad she finally did because this is a couple that is most assuredly meant to be.

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stephanie said...

Fabulous- I love it!

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