Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lasagna Cupcakes Open Doors

We go to the Farmer's Market in our van now, with a cart. We've given many vendors Lasagna Cupcakes so they know what we're doing with their produce. Now they give us first dibs on some righteous produce. That's me back there telling the fabulous Beata Bernina that Lasagna Cupcakes can be better than money in certain situations. I'm not sure if she believes me, but I do know that she likes Lasagna Cupcakes and that's all that really matters.
That's McGrath Farms up top with the killer heirlooms, and Weisser Farms below which is where we get our Banana Fingerling Potatoes and Melons (and mulberries!) which are to die for.
Photos by George Simian


connie lyu said...

farmer's market in silverlake?

Heirloom-LA said...

The best Farmer's Market is the one in Santa Monica on Wednesdays. The quality of the produce is dazzling and there's lots of chefy chef sightings if you're into that!

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