Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tal Likes to Make Drinks

And of course Matt Likes to Make Food, so...

They decided to have a Cocktail Tasting Party with Meatball Sliders on their day "off"!

I have to pat myself on the back (pat, pat) because it is REALLY hard to narrow down from the dozens and dozens and dozens of images that George and Beata handed me after this event. I've tried here but I'm kicking myself because I left out some really good ones in the interest of editing. These guys rule!

Check Beata out here and George here.

C h e e r s ! ! !

Because it's Fashion Week, I must point out that, yes we do in fact change our clothes from this event and this event, it's just that that these events all occurred on the same day and were all shot by George and Beata.

Peace Out, Long Live Fashion and Food and Photography!!!

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