Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cherry Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream

Yes!!! Cherry Pie!!!!!

Actually this deliciousness originated with the Aracuna Eggs, a seasonal egg from a special chicken.

It's the shell that got me... the color of sea water but softer and of course cleaner. I had to have them, I didn't care if they cost $8 a dozen. And I wasn't about to share these delicate gems with Matt. I greedily took the entire carton all for myself and hid it behind various jars of pickled vegetables.

So what do you do with eggs so rare and so beautiful that you want to make china out of them? You make Ice Cream, folks. You make Ice Cream.

And then, simply because it's spring and the window for cherries is even smaller than the one for these precious eggs, you make cherry pie and you silently thank the party tonight that said, "Dessert? Just make whatever you think is good."

Thank you Aracuna Chickens. Thank you Cherry Season. And, most importantly, thank you to the party tonight that unwittingly instigated it all.

You are in for something much better than good.

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