Monday, May 17, 2010

Howard Stern Tells Matt He Can Cook

Because Matt listens to Howard Stern incessantly, he knew last week that the Jimmy Kimmel party we were going to cater that Saturday was in honor of the radio host who says he eats only boiled meat and blanched vegetables.... not when Matt's cooking. The King of All Media tried everything: the various pizzas, the stuffed squash blossums, the pumpkin agnolotti, all the tray passed appetizers, the branzino, the spicy fried chicken and waffles..... Not sure that he sampled any of my desserts though. Hmph.

It's okay because it was such a delight to see my usually gregarious partner blush as Howard Stern made a special point, several times, to tell him "You're a really good cook... How old are you?"

If you're not listening to Howard talk about the party on Serious Radio right now, then you can read about it on his website.

Sorry, I'm about to make Matt blush again when I announce right here and now that he had actually made the most beautiful plate of boiled chicken and blanched vegetables you could ever imagine.... just in case.

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