Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our First Public Dinner in The Salon

A little while back we had our first two public dinners in The Salon to celebrate obtaining a liquor license and making our own wine. We named our white wine Bianca and our red wine Scarlet to keep things neutral yet classy. Our designer created a label which left room to be easily customized for weddings and other events. 

Since we were opening our doors to the public for the first time, we wanted the focus to just be about welcoming guests so the food was pretty straightforward. Remember the menu we announced Here? The Salon only seats 26 so we sold out really quick.

Our guests met outside in the garden for a Passionfruit Bellini and then gathered inside taking their seats where Matt made a warm blueberry dressing table-side for the salad course. Divine.

While everyone ate their second course of fresh pasta, Matt made a pesto right in the room which assailed everyone's senses with it's savory herbal aroma. 

We had different entrees for the two nights, this that you see pictured was pork belly from the pig we sourced here. Of course we always respect the vegetarians and offered a beautiful seasonal entree for them as well.

Yes, and we finished with dessert which was nerve-racking for me being that the ladies of Proof Bakery were in the house on our second night. Best croissants ever can be found there! We are working hard to convince Chef Na Young to pair up with us for a dinner in The Salon. Wouldn't that be amazing? Tell her. I think together we can convince her to do it.

Until then, look for our upcoming dinner pairings with Evan Funke and Caduceus Wine that will be going on sale very soon. Exciting!

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