Saturday, April 20, 2013

Welcome Back, Spring

Oh how delightful it is when spring rolls around and we get in fruits and vegetables that drastically change up the scenery and flavors from what winter had given us. Salads become juicier and more vibrant with cherries and baby tomatoes that burst in your mouth. 

And squash blossoms present themselves as we reimagine them fried, stuffed and served on their own or as a garnish to risotto with sweet peas from Mc Grath Farms. Oh bring it on, spring, we are ready to have some fun!


Sarah Reba said...

What vegetables did you use in the asparagus roast? Looks AMAZING, would love to recreate!

Heirloom-LA said...

Hi Sarah, Matt used green and yellow asparagus, yellow wax beans, and turnips cut in half. He tosses them together in olive oil, salt and pepper and roasts on 450 F until they are caramelized. You can do this application with most vegetables, just make sure they are cut the same size or you need to have them on separate cooking trays.

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