Sunday, April 7, 2013

School Garden Dinner

Calling out to all my fellow peeps who were humiliated and tortured by PE in high school! John Muir HS in Pasadena has built a school garden off their football field (where the bleachers used to be) that supports their school lunch program. Not only are students getting Physical Ed credit in exchange for tilling the soil and learning about organic farming for an hour every day, but they are also eating healthy doses of organic produce instead of typical cafeteria sludge. This arrangement makes such good sense I can not even stand it!! 

But they need some help to fund the program. Dirt ain't cheap and neither is irrigation and supplies. We decided to bring our Food Truck on out to the campus and cook dinner from the goods the kids harvest so we can raise some dollars for them. Come join us! Information is below. If you can't make it, donate anyway! And spread the word in your own community for more programs like this that promote sustainability and nutrition. Direct link and menu here.

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