Monday, August 13, 2012

Office Designing, Lounge Area

Hey! Those are not photos of food! No one goes to The Rose Bowl Flea Market to eat! You are way off topic there, miss. True. All true. As you may or may not know, we have been building a new office because the current one we occupy feels as if we are working in a sardine can, on top of each other. We can't hear ourselves think as phone conversations permeate every inch of our 300 square footage, we can't spread our arms out without smacking a co-worker and Matt and I concluded that it is high time we put up our stellar catering manager crew in a suitable space and let's give it some design flair by golly.

I've been researching office planning here and here, and with the help of our friend Glen from Smog Design, we have developed a plan of action. We've gutted what was once a bike shop, that then became our rental room into what will be an office space.  Yesterday, however, I was caught up in the details of a little lounge area Glen had drawn up and the two chairs that will occupy it. Our kitchen is near an excellent upholsterer so I was just looking for good frames that I'll cover with a handsome charcoal linen and call it a day. Ignorant on pricing and expecting to spend way less than the tags I found at the Bowl, I left empty handed outside of some silver and wood platters and a really cute tin trash can.

Something about the heat had me leaving after just a couple hours. A future in interior design I do not have.

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