Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sharp Knives, Full Heart

On a daily basis, we work with produce that cause pause. So lucky we are to grow and receive produce that needs little adornment outside of some calculated cutting. Oh but to draw a dull knife on a succulent juicy peach makes my heart weary so you can imagine the excitement when our knives leave us for a day or two and return so fierce as to cut through paper. 

There is just no greater tool than a sharp knife. Amen.

For your own sharpening needs we highly recommend our own source: Ross Cutlery. They have been filing out nicks and honing blades for the past good many years. They just expanded their downtown store where they sell scissors for cutting any imaginable thing and of course all sorts of specialty knives. Parking is no fun, especially after 4, but you won't be sorry for the trouble. 

Ross Cutlery (new location)
324 South Broadway
Downtown LA

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