Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Artichokes, Cause for Celebration

Matt and I have come a long way from our evenings of whiskey and sodas to cap off the day. It started with some unofficial R & D nights where everyone put their most creative foot forward to come up with some killer cocktails over here, and then Tad took it to a whole new level by developing some house made Cynar from neutral grain alcohol, cinnamon, anise, orange, cloves, and artichoke scraps. 

Yes, artichoke scraps! 

Sounds strange right? Well cut the sharp bitterness of the artichoke essence with a sweet blood orange juice and some amaretto, then top it with some seltzer to lighten it up. Oh, but then, for good measure, toss in a few drops of those bitters Tad has also been brewing, the ones made of kumquats, cava cava oranges, page mandarins, and sorrento lemons- oh I was so bitter when Tad scooped up a bunch of my Meiwa Kumquats when they came in a couple of months ago, but one taste of this drink and all was forgiven.

The Artichoke Fizz. One of several unusual concoctions on our new seasonal cocktail menu.


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