Monday, January 9, 2012

Tonight on the Truck at Silverlake Wine

There was a buzz going around the Santa Monica Farmer's about a month ago because there was a new vendor, Frog Hollow Farm, that was offering the most spectacular pears I have ever wrapped my greedy mouth around. In this case, believe the hype. They taste as nuanced as a fine wine and, sadly, they are almost done for the year. Get them while you can on our truck tonight at Silverlake Wine in a delicious and colorful salad. Here's the rest of the menu:

Slow Braised Pork Shoulder over Fagioli Beans 
with Mc Grath Farms Charred Baby Green Onions + Apple Chutney

Housemade Spaghetti Verde + Lamb "Polpettine" Meatballs 
with Roasted Tomato Sauce + Buratta + Parmesean

Braised Stuffed Cone Cabbage (Vegan)
in a Tomato Broth with Roasted Fennel, Dill, + Bulgar Wheat

Jidori Chicken Breast Picatta + Cavatelli
with Brown Butter, Chenin Blanc + Caper Berries

Root Beer Marinated Smoked Ham Slider
on Brioche Buns with Whole Grain Mustard, House Cured Saurkraut + Arugula

Frog Hollow Pear Salad with Nutmeg + Apple Cider Vinaigrette
over Speckled Greens, Housemade Ricotta + Wild Radicchio

And of Course.... Assorted Lasagna Cupcakes.

1 comment:

starfilledmac said...

Frog Hollow was my favorite vendor when I lived in SF (recent LA transplant). If you like their pears, you should try the peaches. Spectacular!

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