Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fish With Style

Did you see the dinner we threw for Bash, Please that was featured on Design Sponge? We served up a very unfashionable fish to some ladies all known for their popular blogs featuring style and design (Oh Joy, Bonnie Tsang, Bando, 100 Layer Cake, to name a few). 

What's that you say? Why would you cook up an unfashionable fish for a bunch of fashionable girls, Heirloom LA? 

Welp, to show that unassuming food, like unassuming clothes, when put together with some care and imagination, can turn heads and have an impact. Here we take a fish, most often seen (gasp!) in your frozen food aisle as fish sticks, and we get it in fresh, line caught even, and roast it whole with a crust of egg whites and coarse sea salt that Tad carved a face and scales on (very stylish, Tad!). This crust created a shell in the oven that locked all the vapor inside the fish while at the same time it created the flavor that only roasting can bring. When pulled from the oven, the crust a tawny brown, it looked like a sand sculpture and tasted just as mild and moist as it's more pricey counterparts.

Grouper, the modest fish altered to a dish chic and delightful, and I daresay from witnessing their clean plates, the girls all liked it. 

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