Thursday, October 6, 2011

We Have Two George's

We have two George's on our team. George Simian who generously photographs us and what we're doing (ah-hem, he's an award winning photography teacher- check out his amazing classes at Samy's and UCLA), and George Uch who, like many of us at Heirloom, wears a few hats. If he's not in the kitchen, it's because we are stealing him away in the office to do things like convert our MACs (RIP Steve Jobs) into PCs so we can operate Quick Books. Is that even possible? It is if George is on your team. "Heck Yea!!!" 

Why is George working in your kitchen if he's this amazing IT guy you may ask because we sure do. Well he really likes cooking. On his day off he roasted a whole fish and shared it not with his wife (who he loves very much but she's a vegetarian), rather he came in and gave it to us, emotionally thanking Matt for teaching him how to fillet and consequently bringing us all to tears (see photos below taken by our other George). 

George is always a bright light as he enthusiastically learns new kitchen skills and patiently answers all of our computer demands. In his own words he's just "making everybody feel comfortable".

Career for life George. Life.

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