Saturday, August 13, 2011

An Artichoke Gets Flowered

Wednesday we got in a gorgeous array of produce from the Santa Monica Farmer's Market. These purple baby artichokes will be featured as a tray passed appetizer for one of our weddings on Sunday. I have to tell you how to make them into little fried flowers because they're just so pretty.

Flowered Artichoke Appetizer

Get your hands on some firm baby artichokes and remove some of the hard outside leaves.

Deep Fryin' It:

On catering parties we take a deep fryer we purchased from Bed, Bath and Beyond, in other words, not some fancy commercial fryer. It works great! Fill it with canola oil, get it hot and put a couple baby artichokes in. Don't crowd them because they are going to open up before your very eyes! 

Once they start to flower, look for crispness and then remove and drain on a paper towel. You will need to open them further with your hands for drama. 


Chop some garlic and toss that in a pan with some really hot olive oil. Not for long, it will burn easily. Remove that and top your little flowers with fried garlic, lemon, and some herbs.


The heart is intact and that's what is meant to eat, but people (like me) will be hard pressed to resist those crispy petals. They're fibrous and best left alone, this is why you should scale some off before frying. The heart, as would be expected, is delightful.

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