Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Best Comfy, Cool, Sexy Clothes EVER + Lasagna Cupcakes

I will never forget the first time, about two years ago, that I brought Matt into the EVER store on Melrose. I said to him, "You will want everything in here in every color.". He did and he still does, so much so that we have become friends with everyone at the Melrose store and we love to work with friends and that's what's happening tonight! 

Our Food Truck will be parked outside the Melrose store tonight for their Summer Party. We'll be serving short rib tacos + sea bass tacos + lasagna cupcakes + farmer's market salad + strawberry trifle. Drinks inside! See you there!

For every $100 you spend at EVER (oh, it's easy to do!) we will give you a free lasagna cupcake. 

Dinner + Shopping = Joy

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