Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Marvimon Wedding

Two Bright Lights sent over these photos from another recent wedding we did at Marvimon (we work at this venue a lot which we love because it's part outdoors, part indoors and has many charming and lush details as well as a fabulous open kitchen). My eyes popped out when I saw that a photographer took the couple to the nearby public library in downtown Los Angeles and shot portraits on the opulent grounds there. This part of LA has really reinvented itself, love that Two Bright Lights used it as their backdrop.

1. guests snack at a crostini station before dinner 

2. bridal party toast the day with cucumber margaritas

3. farmer's market salads on their way to being served

4. pumpkin agnolottis with brown butter + sage + creme fraiche

photos by  Two Bright Lights

1 comment:

Emily (Gem Photo) said...

yay! sorry I'm so slow at commenting but I love the photos you posted - so great to work with you and the food was DELICIOUS.

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