Friday, October 29, 2010

Virginia Wedding, California Ham

So this company Son Ridge (see them here) very generously sent us one of their German engineered, insulated thermo boxes made out of really lightweight polypropylene. I had originally intended to use this container for cakes to avoid wasting disposable cardboard boxes and then... Matt swiped it. He brought the Thermo Box to the wedding he did in Virginia last week, packing a house-cured ham in it. Turns out he didn't end up using the ham, but promised it to the bride who was leaving on her h-moon and wouldn't be back in California for a few weeks.

No problem.

Matt just packed it back up to check in as baggage on United without any dry ice because the ham was cured and his flight was only five hours . Well.... this ham did not make it on Matt's flight and arrived two days later. The amazing news to report here.... the ham was still cold. And recall I said it was packed without any dry ice!

Matt has now claimed it as his own. So much for my cakes!

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