Friday, September 24, 2010

The Questions Get Answered

So last night was the Hitched Event that was held over at Smog Shoppe and presented by the ladies of Bash, Please. It featured "snagged" wedding vendors for brides-to-be to get aquainted with. We did a few tray passes and a Whole Roasted Salmon with a Mixed Vegetable Potato Salad and Salsa Verde to give a taste of what can be in store for "the big day". Beata Bernina was there with us helping to plate (we were slammed!) and take photos.

Tal and Matt did not answer the preliminary questionnaire that Hitched asked all the vendors to fill out so I took it upon myself to complete this task. As usual they have no idea of my overt underpinnings as this post has been up on the Hitched Blog for just about two months and I have heard not a word of it from either of them... and you think I would've, right? Maybe it's just that we are all in accord and they like "glamping" as much as I do!

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