Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jonathan Gold Doesn't Know Who We Are

We LOVE Intelligentsia and we are HUGE FANS of Jonathan Gold so it's okay that he gets his facts wrong when he writes that "the squandron of coffee jocks" invented Lasagna Cupcakes because you here on our humble blog are the actual insiders who got "The First Bite" in this scenario and it is you who are armed with the truth:

Heirloom LA makes the Lasagna Cupcakes! Intelligentsia makes the Iced Angelenos!

Our heads are hung low, our egos have encountered a hiccup for it was Matt in a giddy state of enthusiasm who personally served Jonathan Gold his Lamb Ragu Lasagna Cupcake last Friday at Intelli Pasadena. Yet, today, we raise our chins, as well as our Iced Angelenos, and choke back our bluster realizing that a sincere and flattered thank you is still very much in order to the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for scribing so eloquently about our food despite not knowing that he has.

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