Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Birthday Bash

So I had a birthday a few weeks back and we somehow had a Sunday off so we said:

Let's Throw a Party!!!

Arms to hips, frown upon face I growled, "Matt, how about you getting to have some fun, huh, Mr Work-a-holic?"

So we put our friends to work to set up a Do-It-Yourself Pizza Bar!!

At the party, Matt got some relaxation time but before it he had prepped out his amazing flatbreads and a bunch of toppings. Everyone got to slice some Serrano Ham, throw on sweet and sour onions, grilled vegetables, pesto, home-cured salami, Ramesco all kinds of Fabulous Things!

A Pizza Bar... on the fly!!!

The Saints Win!

The Dogs Dress Up!!

And I get a little help from my friends with those Cake Monkey Cakes.

All and all a very fine birthday!!

We have two more pets I neglected to mention (no costumes for them!).
Thanks, Mas, for all the fun pics!!

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