Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lasagna Cupcakes in Malibu

Sometimes being my friend has it's Benefits!!

About a month ago Matt says, "Babe I've got a bunch of Lasagna Cupcakes I want to unload. Got any takers?"

Let's just say unlike many of the things Matt asks me to do, I didn't have to work too hard to take care of that task!

I got some of my Ladies together and their dates and we devoured ALL of them!!!!

Lasagna Cupcakes now available at The Oaks Gourmet Market

Fall Flavors Include:

*Short Rib with Roasted Peppers and Smoked Mozzarella
*Eggplant Romeneso
*Farmer's Market Bean with Parmesean Cheese and Saffron
*Pumpkin with Brown Butter, Maple, and Sage
*Suckling Pig and Pickled Fennel
*Roasted Fall Vegetables with Fresh Ricotta
*Heirloom Tomato With Burrata and Purple Basil
*Sweet Corn and Mascarpone
*Smokey Duck Confit and Carmelized Sweet and Sour Onions
*Slow Braised House-Made Kurrobuta Sausage with Tallegio and Red Wine Reduction

Or please call 323-872-2904 for your personal order. Trust me on this one....Your friends will thank you!!

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