Saturday, March 21, 2009

Don't Dehydrate!

Last month I was infirmed, and a nutritionist friend said, "Girl, you need to get yourself rehydrated."

Before I reached for a sugary sports drink she instructed me to slice up some lemons, oranges and cucumber, and cover them with water. Let chill for about an hour and drink up. Delicious and refreshing, I'm still keeping it around. This week I used those beautiful Cara Cara Oranges from the market. 

This concoction keeps for a couple days and like a tea bag can be refilled with water.

Try giving it to your little ones to trick them into drinking more water.

Also it's great to chug after having one too many the night before, not that you or I have ever done such a thing. Tell your friends who do.


G said...

i drink lemon and cucumber water alot. it is super refreshing.

alyssa said...

i am honored to see this on your blog! it really does work. beautiful photo too!

Anonymous said...

So if I feed my family this refreshing water all I have to do is refill? How long do you believe the produce lasts in the water?

Heirloom-LA said...

The sliced produce will last a few days. You'll know when it's time to toss it.

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