Friday, January 30, 2009

Catching a Righteous Caffeine Buzz at Intelligentsia

Okay Seattle, I'm sorry to roast on your coffee (see: Filling Up in Seattle), but down here in Silverlake, Barista Champions make our joe so you had some high standards to live up to. 

It was just last Sunday that three of Intelligentsia's baristas

took top honors at the Western Regional Competition where they had to make and present an espresso, a cappuccino, and a signature drink for four judges. Last year Intelligentsia's Kyle Glanville became the US Barista Champ and placed in the world competition.

Kyle, a long time Seattle resident coincidentally, defends this city, proclaiming it to have really good coffee overall. Okay, but what I was looking for in Seattle was more than that, something to make me remember and want to go back. Intelligentsia has the Angeleno, an iced coffee

shaken up like a martini with milk and Agave, and they also have the Gibraltar. Named for the glass, the Gibraltar is served as a condensed espresso shot using milk heated at it's optimal temperature of 135F to provide a natural rich sweetness. It's not on the menu, but now you know about it, so make sure you order one on your next visit... to Intelligentsia here in Silverlake that is.

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